Sunday, October 23, 2011

CFKU Issue two out now!!!

CFKU issue 2 is out now! Featuring the hyper-violent adventure story "Stinkpig the Princess Slayer" part 1 of 3. In the mystical lands of Mardian evil has been all but wiped out by the forces of good. One little evil witch however refuses to give up hope. She sends out a desperate prayer to the spirits of darkness and they summon forth a mighty champion! Stinkpig, the lovable sociopath is yanked from his time to a mystical land full of elves and magic. Faced with his destiny of saving this land form the armies of light he must make tough descissions, find new allies and conquer his inner fears. And kill princessess and monsters, or some shit like that.
Availble now online or at the Star Clipper comics in the loop!!!